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An Apostolate of Evangelization through Prayer!

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

The Rosary Apostolate

Through the Rosary Apostolate, children are experiencing the power of the Rosary!

Download and watch an in-class video, here.

"The Rosary Apostolate has changed my life! I was devoted to Mary... But now I really feel I am an Apostle of her Immaculate Heart, called by the Mother of God, sent out on a mission - to lead all souls to Jesus through Mary. I love praying the Rosary... how much joy it gives to me to be able to teach children how to pray from the heart."
Structure of Organization

Rosary Visitor
Volunteer Ministry Position Description


This is an Apostolate of evangelization through prayer.  Volunteers are called "Rosary Visitors." They will bear witness to their faith by teaching children to love Jesus with the Heart of Mary by praying the Rosary and the Act of Consecration. They will follow the themes and meditations as outlined by the Rosary Apostolate.
Download and watch an in-class video, here.

Mandatory Activities and Responsibilities

The Rosary Visitor will visit a school once a month for a total of eight visits within the academic year from October to April, concluding with a May Celebration in another location of the school. Duration of visits in the classroom differ according to grades:

JK and SK:Mandatory Activities and Responsibilities15 minutes
Grades 1-3:Mandatory Activities and Responsibilities20 minutes
Grades 4-8:Mandatory Activities and Responsibilities45 minutes
High Schools:Mandatory Activities and Responsibilities45 minutes

Primary visitors may visit anywhere from 3-7 classes depending on the size of the school. A rosary visitor for the grades 4-8 classes will generally visit 2 classes in a school. Rosary Visitors will go to a school in a team of 3-10 members depending on the number of classrooms in the school. The number of schools visited is determined by the volunteer's willingness and availability. One Rosary Visitor on every school team will be assigned as the School Leader.

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

Expectation of Rosary Visitors:

  1. A serious commitment to visit the classrooms assigned as indicated on the school schedule on a monthly basis for the period of one academic year, which can be renewed annually. This includes punctuality.
  2. A dress code should be observed on school premises.
  3. The "School Leader" will be the person who maintains contact between the Principal and the Rosary Team. They assist the Regional Director in setting up schedules for that particular school, ensure the presence of Rosary Visitors to the school on the scheduled dates and that supplies needed are given to Rosary Visitors.  They are required to give constant feedback to their Regional Director, including all concerns and issues that may arise in the schools or among team members.
  4. Rosary Visitors must attend monthly/bimonthly meetings as indicated by their Regional Directors. They will direct all concerns including issues that may arise in the classrooms or among team members to the Regional Directors at these meetings.
  5. Misconduct will result in termination of volunteer services to our program.
  6. A rosary visitor is expected to behave appropriately with the children on school grounds, therefore one should not initiate any physical contact with students, nor plan to meet children alone outside scheduled visits in the classroom.
  7. A Rosary Visitor is to adhere strictly to the monthly Themes as outlined.
  8. A Rosary Visitor should not take Discipline into his/her own hands even when children misbehave on a class visit. It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to administer discipline.
  9. All members are expected to maintain good relations with Principals, staff, children and team members at all times.
  10. Gifts are not to be given to children or staff except those approved by the Apostolic Director.
If a Rosary Visitor should break any of these rules, an "Incident Report" will be filled out by the Regional Director and school staff and kept on file, a copy of it is also sent to the Apostolic Director and a "Termination Notice" will be given to the volunteer.

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

Skills, Experiences and Qualifications

Volunteer must be practicing Catholics. They should have a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and pray the rosary on a regular basis. Volunteers are to respect and love children.

Personal Traits and Qualities

The people we seek for this position are: Loving, Giving, Prayerful, Humble, Peaceful, Understanding, Forgiving, Friendly, Wise, Trusting, Obedient, Patient, Good and Kind.

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

Stage 2: Orientation and Training

Training: The Regional Directors will read the "Training Manual" with new volunteers. New Rosary Visitors will watch a "Training DVD". Then Regional Directors will run through the routine of a school visit and provide the volunteers with the supplies needed to conduct their school visits.
Orientation:  New volunteers will become oriented with the school environment by observing some experienced volunteers praying with the students in the classroom setting. A DVD is given to new regions that do not have experienced people to observe.
Ongoing Training is provided at the five Regional meetings. Here they will role play the next month's Theme, be given necessary supplies and discuss any questions or concerns. These meetings ensure the success of the program. The meetings take place in the home of the Regional Director or in a room in their Parish.

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

Participant Group

Volunteers will serve the students within the Catholic Schools in their Region.  Volunteers will work with partners or individually, as the classroom teacher by law is required to remain in the classroom when there are visitors.

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

Support Supervision and Evaluation

The Regional Directors and the School Leader will support and assist the new volunteer in this position. Every volunteer is screened by their Regional Directors. Supervision is done primarily by the classroom teacher who is present at all times during classroom visits. The teacher is observing every move. Regional Directors are also required to conduct annual Supervision spot checks, where they will observe a Rosary Visitor presentation with the purpose of assisting and encouraging him/her in this ministry. You will be asked to fill out a Self-evaluation Form at that time.

Length of Ministry

We expect volunteers to commit themselves for at least one full academic year from October to May.  The volunteer may remain in this position as long as he/she is both physically and mentally willing to carry out the required duties.

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

Benefits and Working Conditions

Volunteers will gain self-confidence in speaking in front of a group. They will meet new people. Their devotion to the Mother of God and her Rosary will increase. They often walk away from a school visit feeling they have really been a missionary for Our Lady. It is a wonderful and rewarding ministry.

The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools

Screening Measures

The volunteers are never alone with the students in the classroom, because the Teacher is always present during these visits. A level of trust will develop over time, and because we are dealing with the vulnerability of children, screening will follow the 10 Steps used in a High Risk Ministry positions, which will include a Criminal Record Check. Screening will be conducted by Regional Directors, who will be supported and assisted by the Rosary Apostolate Screening Committee.

If you are interested in starting up a Region in your area, or joining one of the existing regions: Contact us at: info@rosaryapostolate.com
                       The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools
Many Volunteers Needed!
Many Volunteers Needed!