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Join the Rosary Apostolate in the Schools!


The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools Program was given birth in the Toronto Catholic District School Board in 1997.  Sr. Marilina Cinelli, along with a group of retired teachers, responded to the request from teachers and/or principals to pray the Rosary with individual classrooms.  Feedback from both teachers and students was amazing!  Teachers wanted this experience for their own children and requested we bring it to their schools as well.  This is what caused us to expand.  The Religion Department reviewed and approved our presentations and we were given vacant classrooms to use as storage for rosaries and program supplies.  We are very grateful for the continued support received by the Toronto Catholic District School Board!

  • SCHOOL BOARDS - The Rosary Apostolate, Inc., seeks to establish a good working relationship with participating school boards.  Annually, we submit Rosary presentations for review and approval, prior to giving them to volunteers.  We ask each school board to ensure our rosary presentations are curriculum-based, age-appropriate, and non-offensive, and at the same time, spiritually inspiring for children.
  • PARISH BASED - The Rosary Apostolate in the Schools is a parish based organization. Volunteers serve their parish schools and only with the principal's approval.
  • PARTNERS IN FAITH - The Rosary Apostolate, Inc. is a committed partner-in-faith.  Our ministry is a solid connection between the parish, community, and parish schools.
  • All our volunteers undergo a 10-step screening process as mandated by the Province of Ontario for volunteer organizations.  This includes a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) from the local police stations.  Prior to visiting schools, volunteers undergo training and orientation to give professional presenatations of the Rosary in the schools. 

"The Rosary Apostolate has changed my life!  I was devoted to Mary, but now I really feel I am an Apostle of her Immaculate Heart, called by the Mother of God, sent out on a mission, to lead all souls to Jesus through Mary.  I love praying the much joy it gives to me to be able to teach children how to pray from the heart!"

Rosary Apostolate Volunteer

Through the Rosary Apostolate:

Children are experiencing the power of the Rosary!
Children are encouraged to become people who pray daily!
Children are learning how to cope through trials and difficulties!

"Dear Rosary Team,
I wrote this letter to thank you for spending time with our school and praying the Rosary.  I also wish to tell you what praying did for my family.  My Grandmother got sick when she was in the hospital and almost died. But after I prayed the Rosary, she looked better each time I saw her.  Then one day she got better and came home.  It was a true miracle!  I would also like to thank you for praying the Rosary with my school and for putting on a spendid Rosary celebration."

Grade 7 Student

"Dear Rosary Team,
I thank you, the Rosary Team, for coming to our school every year and month to pray the Rosary.  I thank you because now I pray the Rosary every day of the week and I always think of Mary.  I have learned a lot like how to pray the mysteries and about Christ in the past.  When I pray the Rosary, I remember why we pray."

Grade 6 Student

"Dear Rosary Team,
My class and I would like to thank you for sharing your time with us.  We really appreciate the prayers we said together and the celebration you and your team put together.  By praying the Rosary, it helps us understand the meaning of our lives because Mary is in our hearts and she helps us when we are up against hard times.  So that's why we pray the Rosary.  So we thank you from our hearts and we wish to see you again to pray."

Grade 7 Student

Rosary Visitor:
Volunteer Ministry Position Description

This is an apostolate of evangelization through prayer.  Members are called "Rosary Visitors".  They bear witness to their faith by teaching children to love Jesus with the Heart of Mary by praying the Rosary and the Act of Consecration.  They will follow the themes and meditations as outlined by the Rosary Apostolate, Inc.

Mandatory Activities and Responsibilities
  • Rosary Visitors will visit a school once a month for a total of eight visits within the academic year from October to April, concluding with a May Celebration.  Duration of visits in the classroom differs according to grades: JK and SK: 15 minutes; Grades 1-3: 20 minutes; Grades 4-8: 40 minutes; and High Schools: 45 minutes.
  • A Rosary Visitor for the grades 4-8 classes will generally visit 2 classes in a school. Rosary Visitors will go to a school as a team of 3-10 members depending on the number of classrooms in a school.
  • The number of school visits is determined by one's willingness and availability.
  • One Regional Director on every school team will be assigned as the School Leader.
Expectation of Rosary Visitors:
  1. A serious commitment to visit the classrooms assigned as indicated on the school schedule on a monthly basis for the period of one academic year which can be renewed annually.  This includes punctuality.  Rosary Visitors are expected to arrive at the school 30 minutes prior to their first class.
  2. A dress code should be observed on school premises.  Look professional!
  3. One Regional Director will be designated as the "School Leader".  They will be the person who maintains contact between the Principal and the Rosary Team.  They set up schedules for that particular school, ensure the presence of Rosary Visitors to the school on the scheduled dates and ensure that required supplies are given to Rosary Visitors.  They are required to give constant feedback to the other Directors in the Region, including all concerns and issues that may arise in the schools or among team members.
  4. Rosary Visitors must attend 5 regional meetings as indicated by their Regional Directors.  They will direct all concerns including issues that may arise in the classrooms or among team members to the Regional Directors at these meetings.
  5. Misconduct will result in termination of services to our program.
  • A Rosary Visitor is expected to behave appropriately with the children on school grounds; therefore, one should never initiate any physical contact with students, nor plan to meet children outside scheduled visits in the classroom.
  • Rosary Visitors must adhere strictly to the monthly Rosary presentations as outlined.
  • A Rosary Visitor should not take discipline into their own hands even when children misbehave on a class visit.  It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to administer discipline.
  • All members are expected to maintain good relations with principals, staff, children, and team members at all times.
  • Gifts are not to be given to children or staff except those approved of and supplied by the Rosary Apostolate, Inc.
  • If a complaint is received by school staff or if a Rosary Visitor should break any of these rules, an "Incident Report" will be filled out by both the Regional Director and school staff members and will be kept on file.  A copy of it is also sent to the Rosary Apostolate, Inc. Head Office and a Termination Notice will be given to the Rosary Visitor.
Skills, Experience, and Qualifications
The applicant should be a practicing Catholic.  They should also have a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and also pray the Rosary daily.  Applicants are to respect and love children.
Personal Traits and Qualities
We seek people who are: Loving, Giving, Prayerful, Humble, Peaceful, Understanding, Forgiving, Friendly, Wise, Trusting, Obedient, Patient, Good, and Kind.
Training of Rosary Visitors
  • Stage 1 - Application Process: The applicant will be given a copy of the Rosary Visitor Ministry Position Description and will fill out a Rosary Visitor Application Form.  The applicant must be 19 years of age or older and must undergo an interview and Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) from the local police station.  Two personal Reference Checks must be provided.  The applicant will also be shown a presentation on "The Holy Rosary", followed by a Rosary Quiz (to review basic knowledge of the Rosary).  As the official handbook, every member will receive a copy of R.V.M., St. John Paul II document on the Rosary.
  • Stage 2 - Training Process:  The applicant will view the presentation "Training of Rosary Visitors".  They will read and discuss the "Suggested Ways of Handling Classroom Challenges" from the Training Manual.  They will be given a bag of supplies and will need to review the document "How to Prepare Supplies for Different Age Groups".  They will also view the following presentations:  "A DVD for Training Rosary Visitors"; "Speaking with Confidence"; and "Tips for Memorization of Themes".  They will be given a handout on "Tips for Memorization of Themes" to take home to study.
  • Stage 3 - Orientation Process:  We invite the applicant to be Oriented in the school environment only after the individual has submitted the Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) to the Head Office.  They will be given the opportunity to observe the presentations of experienced Rosary Visitors in the classroom setting.  Then they will fill out Step 8 - Rosary Visitor Covenant Form.
  • Shadowing - A Regional Director will be responsible to assist new applicants on their first two visits in a school until they are confident enough to be on their own.
  • Ongoing training is provided at five annual Regional Meetings - Attendance at these meetings is mandatory.  We want members to be as professional as possible in the schools.  At Regional Meetings, members will take turns to role play the next month's Rosary presentations, practice songs, and they will be given monthly program and necessary supplies.  Meetings take place in a meeting room at their local Parish.
Participant Group
  • Applicants will serve the students of Catholic Schools within their Region.  They will work with a partner or indivitually.  The classroom teacher, by law, is required to remain in the classroom when there are visitors in the class.
Support, Supervision, and Evaluation
  • The Regional Directors will support and assist the new applicant in this position.  Every applicant is screened by their Regional Directors.  Supervision is done primarily by the classroom teacher who is present at all times during classroom visits.  Regional Directors are required to conduct annual Supervision spot checks where they will observe Rosary Visitor presentations to assist them and encourage them in this ministry.  The applicant will also complete a Self-Evaluation Form.
Length of Ministry
  • The applicant is expected to commit themselves for one full academic year from October to May.  The applicant may renew this commitment annually for as long as he/she is both physically and mentally willing to carry out the required duties.
Benefits and Working Conditions
  • The applicant will gain self-confidence in public speaking.  They will meet new people. Their devotion to the Mother of God and her Rosary will increase.  They often walk away from a school visit feeling they have really been a missionary for Our Lady!  It is a wonderful and rewarding ministry.
Screening Measures
  • Rosary Visitors are never alone with the students in the classroom as the classroom teacher is always present during these visits.  Since we are dealing with children, we will be conducting a 10-Step Screening Process which includes a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) from the local police stations.  Screening will be conducted by the Regional Directors.

Many Volunteers Needed!!!

If you are interested in starting up a Region in your area or joining one of the existing regions,

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