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President's Message

Sr. Marilina Cinelli of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, C.P.

President and Spiritual Director of the Rosary Apostolate, Inc.

  • "The Rosary Apostolate is the bridge between the Schools and the Church"
Dear Directors of Education, Principals, and Teachers,

On behalf of the Mother of God, I thank you for opening the doors of your schools to members of the Rosary Apostolate and for inviting the Mother of God into the lives of your students. She nurtures them and guides them with a maternal tenderness.  The Rosary Apostolate has been her humble instrument to bind Catholic schools, the Church, and community to greater unity.  Over the years we have grown together in a life of prayer and in holiness.

A school that prays the Rosary is a school that the Mother of God presses close to her Immaculate Heart.  She surrounds all the students and staff of the school with every flame of love that issues from her heart so that they will know they have a mother in heaven that loves them and desires to bring them to a great love for her Son Jesus!

A school that prays together is a school that puts Christ at the centre of its routine - Who alone can fulfill every longing of every heart and Who alone can bring peace, love, and unity among the school body.

At prayer with the Mother of God, as the disciples were united in prayer on Pentecost, a school experiences a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Who will renew and sanctify us.

You have given great joy to the Mother of God!  Never stop praying the Rosary with your students.  By keeping prayer at the heart of Catholic Education, you are planting in the hearts of students, the key that opens to them, the Heart of Christ.

Sr. Marilina Cinelli, C.P.
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The Rosary Apostolate, Inc.

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